2017 Hotel Renovations

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2017 Hotel Renovations

Dear Valued Guest, 

Due to YOUR feedback, we took ACTION! 

After a substantial re-investment,  I am delighted to confirm that our PHASE 4 RENOVATIONS PROGRAMME is progressing very well.  

TO DATE in 2017, we have completed renovations to ALL passageways, carpets, curtains, lights, foyer, reception, bar, bar doors and lounge.  Additionally, ALL public areas' aluminium doors (sliding & folding) have also been replaced - no easy task. 

Probably the single biggest innovation we have made is to all rooms and suites' doors - they are now fitted with the very latest electronic card entry system. What a huge convenience for you. Simply keep your room card key in your wallet, purse or hand-bag and swipe over the keypad and the door clicks open. Simple. 

Our COMFORT ROOMS are being renovated as we go along. This is quite a slow process as we do our utmost to minimize noise and inconvenience.  Thus far, the majority of our COMFORT ROOMS have been fully renovated. 

Our next big challenge (once all rooms are done!) is the renovation of all COMFORT ROOMS' en-suites with shower cubicles.

We hope and trust that you like what we have done and what we are still doing to improve our hotel, our services and our facilities.  

l place enormous importance on YOUR feedback (whilst) at our hotel to then allow us the opportunity to satisfy your needs whilst you are in-house.


Best regards, 

Ulf Gruenewald
General Manager