Guest Feedback


Dear Guest, 

WELCOME to our relaxed hotel right on the sea offering one of the most spectacular natural settings in Namibia.  Due to guest feedback, we have taken and continue to take ACTION! 

After a substantial re-investment,  I am delighted to confirm that our PHASE 4 RENOVATIONS PROGRAMME is progressing very well.  

To date, we have completed FULL renovations to the: Reception, foyer, passageways, curtains, lights, sauna room, Crayfish Bar and Lounge.  Additionally, all public areas' aluminium doors (sliding & folding) have also been replaced - no easy task.  

All COMFORT and DELUXE ROOMS and SUITES are now fitted with the very latest electronic card entry-exit system. What a huge convenience for you. Simply keep your room card key in your wallet, purse or hand-bag and swipe over the keypad and the door clicks open.  

In July 2018, we introduced an additional 4 brand new DELUXE ROOMS (now 12 in total) all on our top (3rd floor). The majority of our COMFORT ROOMS have been renovated and all Comfort Rooms' en-suites with baths have been FULLY renovated.  The final stage of our PHASE 4 RENOVATIONS PROGRAMME will be the renovation of shower cubicles in Comfort Rooms. 

Our PENGUIN RESTAURANT (beach level) has been fitted with new chairs, lights and an enormous fish tank (salt water). 

We have purchased and installed a large eco-power generator on-site that provides our hotel with FULL power in the event of reduced or no power supply from NAMPOWER (Namibia's main and only provider of power).  Our hotel also has large water tanks on its roof in the event of reduced or no water supply from NAMWATER (Namibia's main and only provider of water).  These additional enhancements are to ensure that you, our valued guest, will experience virtually no inconvenience in the event of power or water disruptions.  We have also invested in the best locally available WI-FI equipment to ensure the best possible WI-FI signal - naturally, our signal stength is not as strong as say in London or Berlin.

Due to our hotel's location directly on the rocks and sea in the middle of the NAMIB DESERT, the weather can become extreme at times and as such the exterior of our hotel is regularly maintained including our verdant gardens.

We are not perfect in all that we do and hence why we place enormous importance on YOUR feedback whilst you are at our hotel. Please do not hesitate to approach a member of my management team should you not be 100% happy - this message is re-enforced in both your room's WELCOME LETTER as well as on our monitor at RECEPTION. 

PS. Our PHASE 4 RENOVATIONS PROGRAMME also includes the future addition of a new heating system to our lovely outdoor pool

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your valued support.

Best regards from me and my team, 

Ulf Grünewald
General Manager